The Alliance Church in Aurora, Indiana became an organized church in 1924 when 20 people decided to become a part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. A building, originally built by Josiah and Enoch Wright in 1876, was purchased from the Home Missions Society at 409 Indiana Avenue for $1,000.00 with a down payment of $334.00, and the church was organized and incorporated under the laws of Indiana on November 17, 1924.

The vision of Mrs. Harry Long – “Aunt Tet” – had become a reality after 5 years. God had given her that vision in 1919 after she attended tent meetings held by the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Louisville, Kentucky, where she had been sent as part of her duties as an Avon sales representative. A woman she had met, Mrs. Scofield, had extended an invitation to her to attend.

That night as Aunt Tet knelt at an altar filled from one side of the tent to the other, she was healed of an infirmity that sometimes kept her from working. God began to reveal His will to her, and she sensed the need of the people of Aurora.  That night she asked Rev. Alvin Rape, who had preached on Divine healing, if he would come to Aurora to preach.

Aunt Tet began preparations immediately after returning to Aurora. After contacting all the owners of the building owned by the Home Missionary Society, a small group helped her clean the building, which had not been used in over a year. In 1920 Rev. Rape preached in Aurora for several nights during 6 weeks of revival meetings. Over 100 were saved and many were healed during the services with delegations coming from as far away as Louisville, Kentucky.

In 1958, the church built a new building at 201 West Conwell Street when the state of Indiana included the Indiana Avenue building and parsonage in its list of buildings to be leveled as part of US 50 expansion.  In 1992 the church built a new facility with a full gym for activities across the street from the church building, The Christian Life Center.

Today The Alliance Church is known as Life Church in Aurora, Indiana and reaches out to the community with programs and activities for children and adults. Pastor Kenneth Hopper leads the members as they carry on the goal of telling others about Jesus Christ that they might know Him in a personal way as their Savior and Lord.

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